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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Tool Videos

Tomorrow is the day to move my old HTML site (at into WordPress Pages. Good ‘old .htaccess will allow me to magically send visitors from the old HTML pages right to the WordPress Page. I will also be moving WordPress to the root of the domain.

TOOL music videos are below for your enjoyment.

You can stream the video or right click/save the download link to download.
Alternatively, doctor you can click download and once downloaded the video will play.
you can then save it from within RealPlayer.

If you need Real Player Basic you can download it here.

Running times are in “Minutes:Seconds


Hush © 1992 Zoo Entertainment 2:48 stream or download 2.8 MB
Sober © 1993 Zoo Entertainment 5:04 stream or download 5.9 MB
Prison Sex © 1994 Zoo Entertainment 4:53 stream or download 5.7 MB
Stinkfist © 1996 Volcano Entertainment 5:10 stream or download 5.7 MB
Ænima © 1997 Volcano Entertainment 6:45 stream or download 6.5 MB
Schism © unknown 7:23 stream or download 8.1 MB
Parabola © unknown 10:09 stream or download 14.5 MB

download all 7 videos (ZIP format)

48.5 MB

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